Life is good. I left school ~ a year ago. Everything’s worked itself out since.




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It’s weird that I’m a hairless, talking ape with custom crystals suspended in front of my eyes so I can see, and I live with a tiny panther who just accepts me as a part of the world around him and attempts to interact with me despite the fact that he doesn’t understand my language and I don’t understand his

The Heart Pt.2

The Heart Pt.2

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I don’t know what sparked me to draw this 

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Ya’ll tryna advertise rolling weed on a chick ass, but that truly ain’t the wave.

She gonna have residue stuck in between her ass cheeks and your dumbass about to dig it out and put it right in that blunt or bong

talmbout some damn “man this that fuckin loud right chea”

Nah, her booty was stank and you inhaling booty particles into your lungs, good luck with them respiratory complications

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